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So, I guess this is where I tell you this is my blog, and it is pretty much all about painting miniatures, and gaming with miniatures, and spending huge sums of money on miniatures. It may also include pictures of miniatures, and I'll even try and make sure they are painted.


The following material is bound to be laced with profanity. If you are offended by words like cock and arse, you may wish to avoid browsing whilst your mother is in the room. If words like shite and fuck offend you, then you may wish to hit the 'back' button on your browser. If liberal use of the word cunt offends you, how the fuck did you get this far?

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Don't punch above your weight...

Well, I bit the bullet and ordered some of the fantastic sculps from Studio McVey.

Not that I'll ever be able do so them justice, but there is a lot to be said for optimism, right? That's optimism, not delusion...