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Thursday, 17 February 2011

This thing is deader than my army...

OK, I hold my hands up to it, very few updates recently.

I do have my excuses. Errrrr, reasons.

Working loads in January before I finished up on Leave, 3rd daughter born first week of February, rotation of snatched sleep, wiping shitty arses and painting like a demon since.

Taking a cue from me, Elli feeds at 3am, so, rather than being woken up, I just stay up until then, to save any guttural outbursts when the lights are switched on. Immune system fucked, temper shot to shit, painting progress progressing.

So, 365 Mantic models this year, and I've already managed 100 in Jan. One of the Fanatics on Warseer, lord marcus challenged me that he could paint 200 models in Feb before I could. Oh, the naivety of youth. So, having been burning the candle at both ends, and refusing to play the xbox on the wee TV, after daughter #2 put a cup through her second widescreen in 6 months... I've managed a fair bit. 151 models to date. That is this month alone. NOT including the 100 previously completed.

Oh yes, I am a fucking god. Or lunatic.

Here is what 120 Zombies look like


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