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Friday, 11 January 2013

Fucksake, another update. Could this be a regular thing?

Well, I certainly hope so.

I've added new pages detailing both the 11+1 (3x4) Challenge, and my personal projects, so that I can strike them off as they get done.

In actual hobby news, my paints arrived, so I've got all of the currently available Bones all primed, save the Orc Archer, who is on backorder, and the December releases, which should be making their way to the UK from Reaper as I type.

Interestingly enough, I set out 8 project goals, and sitting here, just realised that, including the bases, I have 8 shelves in my two display cabinets.  Think it might be time to do a bit of a switcharound to get them set up for a (hopeful) influx of new inhabitants.

And went and got a new printer cartridge to print out all my painting rosters for the projects, now, just need to find a crayon to colour them all in.


  1. Are you going to re-base your bones stuff?

  2. Glued them all down to circular mdf bases, and used textured paste on them.