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Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Right, well, yesterday, in a fit of madness and trying to get shit sorted for the new year I did a quick inventory of all my Mantic miniatures, including all the Limited Edition 3ups, and other sundry bits and bobs. And a cheeky wee pre-order as well...

So, a few hours of rooting through boxes and it turns out I have somewhere in the region of 15-1600. Not including any casualties or beasties from the sprues.

What this basically means is that were I to paint an average of one model a day, it would take at least 4 years and 90ish days to clear the backlog, assuming I don't buy any more. Fat chance.

More than 200 Elves (the shame), over 600 Undead, 600 plus Dwarfs (although, thankfully nearly 150 are done) and about 100 Khaos Dwarfs on pre-order.

Pass the poly-cement. This may take some time.

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