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Monday, 13 December 2010

Has it really been so long?

Well, yes apparently...

So, in order to make amends to the great Gods of gaming for having the temerity to allow real life to infringe upon my hobby time, I am going to make a pledge of great magnitude.

Next year (so, about 3 weeks away) I plan to commence the great 'Year of the Dwarf' in which, I am aiming to paint an average of one Dwarf infantry model for each day of the year. So, that's 365 by my reckoning. Unless it happens to be a leap year. I'll check when the new calender goes up.

So, 365 Dwarf infantry. Of course, I'll have to add some Heroes into the mix, and I might as well take advantage of the fact that a KOW army can include 1 warmachine per 20+ model unit. Going by preliminary design, it is looking more like 419 models so far...

So, what is in the list then -

1 Dwarf King
2 Berserker Lords
5 Warsmiths
1 Dwarf Army Standard Bearer
2 Ironclad Regiments (Banner, Musician)
1 Ironclad Horde (Banner, Musician)
4 Ironwatch Regiments (Banner, Musician) - 2 units with Rifles
2 Ironwatch Hordes (Banner, Musician) - 1 unit with Rifles
1 Ironguard Troop (Banner, Musician)
1 Ironguard Regiment (Banner, Musician)
3 Shieldbreaker Regiments (Banner, Musician)
2 Berserker Regiments (Banner, Musician)
6 Ironbelcher Cannons (12 Crew)
5 Ironbelcher Organ Guns (10 Crew)
4 Fire Belchers (8 Crew)

Which comes in at 4500 points exactly, and 1.15 models to be painted per day...

Oh, just noticed I haven't swore in this post. Fuck.


  1. So much Restraint! I like your idea... So much I might join you on your project for the year. Although I will make it 365 models probably... And a skaven slave is 2 points so 730points for the whole challenge looks a bit low! lol...

    Ok Orcsies it is... I'll make a list and see how many points it comes to... Unless you want to do this alone?

  2. Nah Man, feel free to jump in.

    I think a partner in crime might be a good idea. I've already started reworking the list. Or considering just doing 365 Mantic minis, as no doubt I'll pick up some of the Khaos Dwarfs and Orcs and whatever else they release next year. It might be easier to break up the repetition, or it might just make it harder.

    In any case, I'll be cutting and snipping and filing and gluing like a fucking loon until the end of the month. Nothing like having a big pile of pre built and primed minis to start working on on day 1.

  3. Well i did a list and it had:

    180 Night Goblins
    9 Fanatics
    3 warmachines
    2 Snotling pump wagons
    10 Snotling bases
    60 Orcs
    34 Savage Orcs
    30 Black Orcs
    1 Savage Orc Warboss on Wyvern
    2 Gobbo Big Bosses
    1 Orc Shaman
    1 Black Orc BSB
    which came to 333.. That leaves 32 models for Warmachine and Dystopian Wars!

    please note that the above is subject to change!

    Oh and needed Swear Word "Damn"

  4. Actually, are you counting the Snotlings as 10 or approx 80 models?

  5. 10... A base covers 1 model regardless of how many are on it... Makes sense for warmachines etc...

  6. Warmachine crew are separate models though...