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Monday, 19 July 2010


Although I'm doing my Dwarf army with Mantic models, I really need to do a GW 'legal' army to play in store. I'm tempted with Ogres, as I really want a monster-heavy list and I know my planned Chaos Troll army is going to take forever to convert and cost a fucking fortune too. I'm also tempted by Skaven after seeing the contents of the Island of Blood box, although, I'm not sure about a Warlord Clan list (big units of 50-60 Clanrats with spears, block of Stormvermin, Bell, crazyass shit) or a Moulder list, a bigass unit of Rat Ogres (18-24) plus Skweel, a Lord on a Rat Ogre Bonebreaker, couple of units of 100 Giant Rats, a few Swarms and a Doomwheel.

See, I just love the idea of these filthy great units, so I want my army to include at least 1 Horde, probably more. I reckon Skaven (or Goblins) will win out, as the spears generate an obscene amount of attacks, although, I have a feeling that I'll maybe just do both Ogres and Skaven anyway.


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