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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Been a while...

Well, my negligence in updating this is partly down to being mobbed at work, having been on a well earned holiday, and finally, painting up some of the fantastic new Dwarf Ironclad models from Mantic Games.

Yes, with Warhammer 8th edition, I'm taking a hiatus from the forces of evil, destruction and chaos to focus on the forces of heavy fucking armour and big fucking guns.

So, for starters I have 160 of these little buggers to get ready, I'm thinking two units of 50 Warriors, 1 each of shields and great weapons, a unit of Longbeards with shields and some Hammerers. Also with shields. Hmmmmm, I sense a trend. The next set in the range, the Ironwatch, is released next Friday (July 23rd) and gives the options for either crossbows or rifles. I have 4 boxes on pre-order, so I'm thinking at least a 30 strong unit of each. For starters anyway. Then, come August the army deal is released (pre-ordered 2...) so I'll get my hands on the aforementioned big fucking guns, and some characters. Job's a good 'un.

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  1. Those are really slick painted up!
    Nicely done brother! :)