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Saturday, 17 July 2010

I haz Daemon Prince

Yup, dropped by GW yesterday in a bid to blag the new plastic DP to paint up, and much to my chagrin, found out that it had been assembled by one of the n00b kids that hangs about there all week.

Actually, I lie. It had been assembled by someone who has won a few Model of the Month challenges, seems to have been a contender for a few Best Army awards and runs his own painting service. I won't mention any names, as I'd hate to see the dole queue get longer. Although, I understand now why he was offered a tenner to paint the entire contents of the Black Reach box...

This thing had more fucking mould lines on it than a Clan Pestilens convention. The ridges were so big I half expected a horde of angry Zulus to come rushing down them...

Even the missus commented that it looked like it had been sandpapered. Then promptly pointed out the lines on the legs, wings, fingers, torso, head... This guy claims a file is all you need to clean up a plastic mini. Fucking amateur. Files rip the shit out of plastic, use a fucking blade.

Plus, I think there is some sort of national shortage on poly cement as, he used so little the model seemed to be articulated a half hour after he'd finished it.

So, off I went, with my fully poseable DP, stuck it in the cup holder in the car and the fucking tail fell off.

Still, that is one less piece to pull apart to clean it up properly.

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